Sharing Jesus with Dads Everywhere on Fathers Day

One week from today is Father’s Day and it provides all of us an opportunity to show dads that we appreciate them. Being a good father is not easy and I think a lot of dad’s feel like no matter how hard they try – they fall short most of the time. It’s not easy performing the balancing act our lives have become as we pursue the “American Dream.”

There is the job that we must focus on and work long hours so we can simply provide for our family. Our kids extracurricular activities like sports and recitals that we must attend to show them how much you really care. Then there is trying to be a good husband and still “dating” your wife to create that romance which fuels a strong marriage.

I could continue with a list of other things, but I think you get the point. Being a good father is really hard!!!!

That is why this year we are doing something really cool for all the dad’s out there in our area. We are going out to some of the most popular spots our dad’s will be at next Saturday. Think Home Depot, Best Buy, Bass Pro…the day before Father Day’s to show father’s that everything they do, really counts!

We are going to show them this by giving them one of our Encounters of Hope gift cards wrapped up in a cool cardholder with a special message just for them. It is a small token of our appreciation, but something we feel could really make their day.

A simple random act of kindness to show them they matter, not only to us, but to their heavenly Father!


You can get involved in a couple of ways:

  • Join us in the Atlanta area and help us hand out cards to dads we run into at local “man spots”  SIGN UP
  • Go on your own little mission trip next Saturday and BUY  your own cards to hand out to dads you encounter
  • Donate and we will hand out cards on your behalf


This is a perfect way to honor dad’s in your community, but also give them the greatest gift of all, the hope of Jesus Christ.