Practical Ways for Sharing Your Faith

When we read through the Gospels and examine the ministry of Jesus it is clear that he has called us to go out into the world and spread the good news, proclaiming our faith, making disciples of the nations, and preaching the word of God. This goes beyond the witness of our lives that have been made new thanks to the redeeming power of the sacrifice of Jesus. We are called to share our faith through our actions and words.

But what are practical ways to do this? Are we supposed to grab our soapbox and mega phone and start yelling at the top of our lungs downtown? In some cases, maybe, and if you feel lead by the Holy Spirit to do so, by all means so long as it’s done in love. But there are many practical ways that we share our faith and the good news of the gospel on a daily basis through our regular conversations.

Be honest about what we’ve been up to

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve been shy to share your faith? Maybe someone was healed or someone’s life was completely turned around. Maybe your brother gave up a life of hard living for a life filled with forgiveness and love. Maybe you spent an evening sharing heartfelt stories of Jesus’ goodness with your small group, or maybe you even got back from a missions trip to Costa Rica where you prayed, preached and led people to God while rebuilding a home. Have you ever glossed over those experiences with a simple, “Oh I just hung out with some close friends. We had a really great time. Such good people!” Yeah, I’ve been there. And I’ve done that.

When we evangelize however, the the first step we can take is to be confident and honest in what we’ve been doing. Tell your co-workers you were at church for the weekend, praying for people and seeing them healed. Tell your friends you spent your night studying the bible with your small group and learned this new crazy thing about Moses. Be straightforward about why you are going to Costa Rica – to serve small churches, support missionaries, to feed the hungry, pray for the sick and share God’s love.

Every time we share these testimonies of what God is doing, the Holy Spirit is there, giving us the words to say, giving us the strength and wisdom to speak truth. Often, people will either shrug it off or be super interested in finding out more details.

And if someone does ask you more question or challenge your belief, be ready to have an answer for them. Ultimately, the first step to effective evangelism is to be living a life of action and obedience to Christ – this gives you stories to tell.

Speak up when you disagree and be open about what you believe

This can be a tough one to discern and ultimately we must rest on the discernment that comes from the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. But when someone is making claims about a topic that goes against your beliefs, don’t shrug it off or sneak away or remain silent. There’s no need to be picking a fight, or to argue until we’re blue in the face. But we can certainly be confident in our faith and say, “I believe this because of what the bible says about it. I respect your opinion, but I disagree and believe (insert topic here).” If we are to be the salt of the earth, carrying the light of the world, we need to actual shine that light in dark places. Speak up.

Actively share how God has worked in your life, how he’s helped you, changed you and come through for you. Be willing to share your story.

Every one of us has a testimony of some kind. Even the smallest story of how God has given you peace through a tough decision is something to celebrate. When others are complaining about their circumstance, think back to when you experienced something similar, reflecting on how God walked you through it and provided for you. There is often an opportunity to do this every day and share the good things he has done, no matter how small.

God gives you peace. God gives you strength. God gives you wisdom. God shows and gives his love. God is always working.

And if you’re having difficulty recalling a story, pay attention to the testimonies from your local church – God is always doing amazing things to and for his church and these stories work their best when they’re shared.

Always be praying

During Jesus ministry, a lot of his time was spent preaching in the synagogues, teaching people, healing people, talking with people, dining with people and sharing the Good News. But even more of his time was spent in prayer with his heavenly father, diving into deep, intimate conversation. Intimacy with God should be our number one priority. By pursuing him first, the act of evangelism becomes a natural extension of who we are – we simply become too excited about the good things God has done that we have to share it.