Many of us live our lives sharing the occasional story with coworkers about what your small group or church did over the weekend. Maybe you say God Bless to strangers during the holidays or zip your lips when gossip begins to fill up conversation, doing the best you can to be a witness for the king of your heart, Jesus. These are all excellent ways to be a witness for Christ, living in such a way that attracts non-believers, but the Bible also commands us to an even higher order, “go into all the world and spread the Gospel” Mark 16:15. Some choose to live this out by giving out Christian tracts but they seriously lack follow-up.

Our goal is to create connections with those we reach by following up with them frequently. After an Encounters of Hope gift card has been given out and activated, they are sent a customized curriculum, tailored to the individuals current spiritual state. This relevant and meaningful content helps them along their spiritual journey and is delivered via email.

  • Questioning Christianity: This focuses on the top reasons people question Christianity ranging from science to explaining the message of Christ
  • New Believers: This focuses on the fundamentals every new Christian should understand and practical steps as they start their journey with Christ
  • Spiritual Growth: This focuses on helping Christians take their faith to the next level and really experience growth in their Christian walk

We are different in that we want to reach individuals exactly where they are and assist them in becoming disciples of Christ who are growing in their likeness to Him and achieving fruit in evangelism. For example, if someone starts out questioning Christianity, through this program, we hope they grow to know Christ and mature in their spirituality with the result of sharing their faith with others. We don’t just leave them where they are, we follow-up and encourage them to grow.

“We don’t just leave them where they are, we follow-up and encourage them to grow”

Take a quick inventory of your disciple making life. Do you tell people about Christ? Do you attempt to assist believers in becoming more mature in their Christian lives? Ask yourself: Do I have a strategy of evangelism for my own life?

If the answer to the questions is no, you can begin the process of sharing your faith by buying an Encounters of Hope gift card and giving it to someone. Remember do not be ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God who brings salvation to everyone who believes. Romans 1:16

Step outside the church walls & start making Jesus known today

Why it Works?