What People Are Saying

"Received this card from my friend and it was just in time for my son’s birthday I could not believe it was real but it helped me a lot! I hope it helps others." KATE

"I received a gift card randomly at a Chickfila drive thru just before Christmas. It truly made my day and made my soul shine! I did activate the card and made a few purchases as Christmas gifts, but gave the card to someone less fortunate with the remaining balance. Thanks for all you do and GOD BLESS!" RUSS

"Getting this card made me cry. It was really touching to get it on top of a 20% tip. They didn't have to do that. I could tell they were "Jesus" like because of their kind presence." LAUREN

"I had a young lady approached me on father's day 2016 and I will say that until then my father's day was not one I would want to save in the books. Not only was it a blessing it just really touched my wife and I that someone would take the time to give someone a blessing and not even know them or what they were going threw in that moment." STEVEN


"My co-worker is always happy and positive and she is always sharing the word with me.  She gave me an Encounters of Hope gift card and I was really impressed with this  website as I went through, it is awesome and I cannot wait to start reading my e-book."

"I thought it was an amazing kind thing to do for a random person." SHAWN


"It showed me God's love in a practical way. Thank you so much!"


I was walking through Lowes with my son to get a few things for our very first Daddy/Son Father’s Day (2015) camp-out in the backyard. Out of nowhere, this couple hands me a gift card and says they are doing random acts of kindness. I was taken back then and still am. As we walked away from the couple, yes, I did shed a tear in Lowes (a major no-no for a male) and yes, I am shedding a tear as I type this. It’s not the money, the amount of money, or even that they randomly selected me….it’s the lesson that I get to talk to and teach my 5 year old son. He is the one that was asking, “what was that?”, “Why did they do that?”, “Why are you crying daddy?”

Thank you to this organization for the opportunity for me to refocus and recommit not only my faith in Christ, but as a reminder of the example of who I am to my son, just as Christ is the example of the person whom He wants me to be.


"I was strolling through the park with my Son and a wonderful woman and her husband presented us with this card. Lol just amazing!! The sincerity in her eyes was undeniable. Blessings to us all." Carlton

"I was enjoying a walk with my twin daughters laughing taking in every moment.I get very few days to spend with them. I work two full-time jobs to make ends meet and take care of them and their 10 month brother. But still make time to be the best daddy I can be. Hiding the worry and stress that I deal with everyday. Always with a smile, joke,hug and an encouraging word.

Then a lady and a gentleman stopped me and gave me a $100 gift card! All they asked for was to pray for me. I have been in a very dark place for a long time and who would of thought that one simple and selfless act could help renew my faith! GOD is good."



"I am so thankful I received this Mother's Day gift as I suffer from depression and just the thought alone made me smile & thank God."




"I have been having a hard time lately so when this random lady gave me this card in Wal-Mart I knew then that God was hearing my prayers."



"Thank you, Just had a flood today so it comes in handy. Thank you for lifting me up!"



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