Modern Day Evangelism Guide

to Sharing Your Faith

  • A guide that makes sharing your faith easier

  • No more awkward moments

  • Make evangelism part of your everyday life

  • No more challenges

  • Practical tips and advice

  • Become confident and prepared

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Key Features

What is in the ebook?

What is Evangelism

In order to equip you to evangelize and share your faith with others we must first start with defining evangelism and explain exactly what the Bible says about it. 

Jesus & Evangelism

This section dives into the scriptures and specifically looks at what we can learn from the Master evangelist, Jesus himself.

Top 7 Challenges

It’s challenging and downright awkward sometimes to share your faith in today’s world. We investigate the top 7 reasons we have found in our research that make evangelism difficult in the 21st century. Some of these might be obvious, but you might be surprised with what we found.

Effectively Share Your Faith

Tips and strategies for making evangelism a part of your everyday life. Practical tips and creative ways like utilizing our evangelism tool to make sharing your faith easy and not awkward.